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Draper-Maynard How to Play - 1926


How to Play Basketball by Edward Wachter, Harvard Basketball Coach. provided the following information about Wachter. ** Lanky, aggressive, quick, and versatile, center Ed Wachter was a skillful and accurate jump and free-throw shooter. Skipping high school and college, Wachter played pro ball from 1899 to 1924. "Eddie" was consistently among the scoring leaders in his leagues and played on more championship teams than anyone else in his generation. When Wachter retired, he moved on to spend 25 fruitful years coaching at five different colleges including Harvard, Williams, and Albany (NY) State. He played eight different leagues and with independent teams from 1899-1924. He was a member of the Troy championship team in Hudson River (1910, 1911) and New York State Leagues (1912, 1913, 1915). He is credited by many authorities with inventing the bounce pass ** Wachter coached Harvard from 1920-1933. Research of other D&M material suggests a date for this booklet around 1926.



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Draper-Maynard Sporting Goods Co.



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Draper & Maynard Co.

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